Western Kentucky University offers an Online Degree in Health Information Management.

What is Health Information Management?

Health Information Management (HIM) covers a variety of topics that develop a well rounded understanding of the technology, science and business within the healthcare industry. 

Health information is the collection of data on each patient — including family history, patient history, symptoms, test results, x-rays, and more. All information found on a patient’s chart is considered health information. According to the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), health information management “is the practice of acquiring, analyzing, and protecting digital and traditional medical information vital to providing quality patient care.” 

HIM professionals work to connect patients, clinicians, administrators and technology — directly influencing patient care without even seeing the patient. 

9 Types of Businesses that hire HIM graduates: 

  • Acute care hospitals 
  • Physician offices and clinics 
  • Outpatient surgery centers 
  • Long-term care facilities (nursing homes) 
  • Health information software companies 
  • Health insurance companies 
  • Health information consulting firms 
  • Pharmaceutical companies 
  • Research institutes and foundations

8 Job Titles for HIM graduates: 

  • Director and manager of HIM 
  • Electronic health record (EHR) trainer 
  • Healthcare data analyst/manager 
  • Clinical coding/billing analyst/manager 
  • Personal health record/consumer advocate manager/ director 
  • EHR implementation analyst/coordinator/ project manager 
  • Clinical documentation improvement specialist 
  • Privacy and security coordinator/ manager/officer 

Western Kentucky University – Best Online Degrees: 

U.S. News & World Report has ranked Western Kentucky University among the top 35 Best Online Bachelor’s Programs in the nation – and number 1 in Kentucky.  WKU online bachelor degree programs offer rolling admission, so you can apply any day. 

Western Kentucky University is located in south central Kentucky, between Nashville, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky. Online students are always welcome to utilize our campus resources, but 100% online programs like the Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management are not required to attend campus.

Learn more about the HIM program at Western Kentucky University by visiting our website wku.edu/healthinformationmanagement/.

WKU offers a transfer student friendly and 100% online Computer Information Technology program.

In 2021, The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was $91,250. If you are a tech savvy student looking to enter a growing industry, Computer Information Technology (CIT) may be the right career path for you. 

CIT combines systems and web development with analysis, design and administration to offer students a wide variety of topics and a well-rounded understanding of computer information technology. 

“Because technology constantly evolves, there are always new and interesting topics for discussion. Right now, cybersecurity is right at the top, which is one reason our security classes are almost always full,” said Dr. Mark Revels, Coordinator of the Computer Information Technology program. 

Computers have become an integral part of modern life and business. The industry is fast paced and changes quickly, so students must learn the principals and the latest systems.

At Western Kentucky University, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology is transfer student friendly and can be completed online

WKU has a unique arrangement that allows community and technical college graduates to apply their IT degrees towards the completion of the CIT major. Under this arrangement, WKU will accept student degrees as transfer credit and students start the CIT program with Junior standing. There are no complicated articulation agreements and no awkward lists of classes that transfer.

All courses are offered 100% online and some courses are offered on demand. The on demand option allows you to register any day of the year and complete your assignments at an accelerated rate or an extended time frame.

As a CIT graduate, you will qualify for a variety of high paying positions. According to the The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, between the years of 2020 and 2030, these occupations are projected to add about 667,600 new jobs. 


The faculty within the CIT program are dedicated to helping prepare students for a career in the field. “In order to enhance student employability, the mission of the CIT program is to emphasize the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that information technology employers want,” said Dr. Revels.

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics data and the mission of the Western Kentucky University Computer Information Technology program states, this degree will give you a competitive advantage when applying for technology related positions.

To learn more about the WKU CIT, visit wku.edu/cit

WKU’s Master of Public Health

What is Public Health?

According to the American Public Health Association, “public health promotes and protects the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play.” Public health professionals aim to prevent sickness and illness through disease surveillance, research, screening, and the development of programs designed to promote health-enhancing practices. 

“This is an exciting time to be part of public health,” said Marilyn Gardner, WKU Master of Public Health Program Coordinator. 

“Public health is like an invisible superhero that keeps the world turning. We are everywhere, but many people have no clue who we are or what we do. But with the pandemic, public health has moved to the forefront.”

Dr. Gardner is right. Public health has moved to the forefront — and jobs are following. In fact, the White House announced a $7.4 billion investment aimed at recruiting public health workers and supporting the expansion of state and local public health departments. The funding is poised to create tens of thousands of public health jobs.    


Regardless of your major, if you have an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited school and are interested in protecting the health of your communities, our Masters in Public Health could be the program for you. Graduates enter a growing industry with a variety of jobs to choose from. 

Master of Public Health at Western Kentucky University (WKU)

The accredited Master of Public Health at WKU is a professional practice degree that prepares you for a wide variety of health-related professions. This degree builds upon your previous degree, professional experience, and career goals — allowing you to customize your degree path and select your area of expertise. 

In addition to the 30 credit hours of core classes, you have the flexibility to select 12 hours of elective courses that best match your goals and interests. You can even use your electives to complete a graduate certificate in one of many areas, including Epidemiology or Health Education.   

Courses are offered online and face-to-face. While our face-to-face courses are ideal for some students, online courses can help you complete your degree while tending to other obligations like work and family.

How Will This Benefit Students? 

For those of you who are already working in the health industry or have a health-related degree, the MPH program can be a career booster by giving you the knowledge and credentials to take your career to the next level. If you are working in a different career field, this program will help you easily transition into a health related position. Regardless of your previous experience or education, this degree can place you into an industry with growing job availability.

For more information about WKU’s Master of Public Health, visit our website.

Esports Management Program Created to Meet Needs of Growing Industry

WKU is proud to offer a new Undergraduate Certificate in Esports Management.

Students will gain the latest knowledge of the operations, design, production, marketing, and distribution of a high demand and rapidly growing business environment evolving around the esports industry. This unique program is offered at a very limited number of universities. Our goal is to give students a competitive advantage to meet or exceed the expectations of employers in a thriving industry.

What is Esports?

Esports, short for electronic sports, brings video game participants together to compete. These competitions are one-on-one or team-based, but the player(s) are competing against humans, not a computer.

“Esports is organized competitive play of video games. It looks pretty simple, but the esports athlete trains just as vigorously as a traditional athlete,” said Dr. Patricia Todd, Co-Coordinator of the Esports Management Certificate and Faculty Advisor for the Varsity WKU Esports program. Much like traditional athletes, esport coaches and players study, analyze, and strategize different ways to beat the competition.

According to 2021 Newzoo’s Global Esports Market Report, global esports revenues will grow to $1,084 million in 2021, a year-on-year growth of +14.5%, up from $947.1 million in 2020.


Esports Management Certificate

The Esports Management Certificate is a 15-credit hour certificate that combines sport management with marketing principles and exposes students to topics that will help them succeed in their future esports management career.

“This new certificate is a multidisciplinary collaboration to meet the needs of a growing industry,” said Dr. Stacey Forsythe, Co-Coordinator of the Esports Management Certificate. 

Course subjects are based around meeting the growing needs of employers in the career field. Students will focus on applying knowledge of marketing and sport management to ensure success in their chosen career within the esports industry.

How Will This Benefit Students?

According to 2021 Newzoo’s Global Esports Market Report, global esports revenues will grow to $1,084 million in 2021, a year-on-year growth of +14.5%, up from $947.1 million in 2020. The esports employment site Hitmarker cites that the growth in global esports industry jobs during 2019 increased by 87% from 2018. This rapid growth has resulted in a shortage of qualified college graduates to meet the industry’s needs. Graduates will be qualified and prepared to step into these positions, which include event and league management, youth and high school development, coaching, legal aspects, finance, marketing and branding, and more. Because this is a rare certificate, our students will have a competitive advantage throughout the job search.

To learn more about the WKU Esports Management Certificate, visit our website.